Supply Vessel Mud Tank Cleaning Systems

The problem with drilling mud is that there is a tendency for the solids that are contained in it, to settle out regardless of what sort of circulating systems are installed.

Marex mud tank cleaning systems specifically address the problem. They are based on the Dasic Junior Jetstream, and in co-operation with the manufacturers, the company has developed a machine which is specifically designed to cycle the impurities contained in the drilling mud. This means that the product itself can be used as a cleaning medium, and if the machines are used during discharge, the solids which usually build up in the tanks can be avoided. This is a process similar to that which has been used for many years by crude oil carriers.

The company recognizes that some shipyards will specify systems which clean solely with water and if this is required tank cleaning machines of lesser specification can be supplied.

In all cases Marex is able to supply suitable pumps, strainers, hot water circulating pumps, chemical dosing pumps, tanks, and heat exchangers for hot water systems.